Create Task

The first step is to create a new task with any details you can share with us, including available CAD plans if available or photos of existing building plans. Any sketches and information about what is important to you or your client is also very helpful. If we need any further information, we will contact […]

Review Draft Plan

We do our best to deliver a Draft plan with an Idea and Concept based on the information we have received within 48hours. We strive to find an optimal solution for you and your customer. With nearly 20 years experience working in the Robotic milking Industry, we hope to make your job easier in this […]

Revise & Complete

Any required alterations to the plans are easily relayed to us through the online Project Management tool. We appreciate any sketches you can digitally provide us along with a short description of the required adaptations for a fast understanding of your needs. We will Revise the Plan at short notice and upload the completed Plans […]

Plot & Send

If you or your customer requires a Paper version of the plans, we can plot the required number of copies on our large format colour plotter and send them to the given adress. Prices for Plotting and sending vary on the size of Paper, destination and speed of delivery required. You will receive an automatic […]